VR meets personal Communication

VR Tours also work for group presentations

How It Works

When VR Clients participate in a Guided VR Tour, their whole experience is assisted by a VR Guide who controls all interactions via Guide Device.

Offer VR For Everybody

Everybody can enjoy a guided VR Tour without previous knowledge, since the VR experience is fully guided. Like that, VR Clients can concentrate on the VR content.

VR Tours For Groups

Virtofy offers VR Tours for multiple VR Clients, controlled by just one VR guide. Whether for students or in a business meeting: enjoy a whole new way of group presentation.

 Easy Handling For VR Guides

The VR guide controls the whole VR tour via tablet or laptop. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, everybody can become a VR Guide after only a short training.

Guide Wirelessly

Guiding works wirelessly, but not only via WIFI. Connectivity via Bluetooth lets you guide also when no WIFI is available. And VR Tours can even be presented via Internet without meeting in person.

VR Guides control the whole tour, e.g. via tablet or laptop

Show the VR Clients view on big screens

Use e.g. heat maps to analyse your VR Client’s view

 Use The Show Effect

VR Tours can be shown live on a big screen. This works great in a meeting to share the VR experience with people, who do not wear VR glasses or to attract viewers to your fair booth.

Communication Tools

VR Guides can always see and control the VR client’s view:

  • Reset the position and view direction of VR Clients
  • Highlight Objects with points of interest
  • Draw live into the VR World
  • Take screenshots and make comments
  • Record the whole tour for later playback and analysis

Depending on the type of VR content, there are also other options for VR Guides, e.g. like freezing time to explain something, moving objects, changing colors and more.

Analytics & Insights

If you have recorded your VR Tour, you can analyse it afterwards, e.g. with heat maps to see what your clients focused on most