Create your own VR Tours

60 seconds to show you how to create a real estate 360 VR Tour in 3 easy steps.

Start creating

The Virtofy VR Tour Editor lets you create your own 360 VR or Hybrid VR Tours easily inside the Virtofy app, no expert knowledge is needed. The editor will automatically optimize all data for a great VR experience.

Editor Features

Create 360 VR Tours

  • Import 360° images & videos from 360° cameras or rendered with 3D Software
  • Use 360 material with stereoscopic 3D

Create Hybrid VR Tours

  • Import 3D Data from most common programs (3D Studio Max, Maya Cinema4D, Sketchup)
  • Work with realtime light and shadows to make your 3D environment look awesome

Integrate Multiple Interactions

  • Info Points with texts, images and videos inside
  • Portals to navigate in between locations inside the VR Tour (only for VR Clients in Personal VR Tours)
  • Overview Maps to navigate in between locations inside the VR Tour (e.g. a floor plan)
  • Compass for orientation, perfect for real estate VR Tours
  • Dimensions of objects (width, length, height)
  • Sounds to enrich the VR Tours (e.g. voiceovers, birds, door close)

Further Features